Hello 2016 (It’s Me & My New Sunnies)

 Hi All,


Still remember me? Before you judge me (if you ever read my blog) and ask me, “Where have you been?” (if you ever wonder), well I got life to live and let’s just say I was little bit enjoyed my work and holiday too long.

So many stories to tell, but just to be short, I was working in Singapore and Malaysia in December 2016, then went back to Indonesia for Christmas (quick stop in Bali), then after 5 days, heading back to Malaysia and Thailand for holiday until early January. More on that on different post.

But for now, let me tell you my new accessories for 2016, this Vincci sunglasses, which I got while waiting for my flight in KLIA 2. I totally love the design, the way it frames my face, and the price as well. Only MYR.29 something, but because I’m foreigner, they got me extra 10% off. It’s actually accessories for woman, but I like it and since when we put label on everything?

It’s style. You know when you know. I miss you (if you miss me back, please say something).

Too many if for early 2016,



Place To Go In Palu: Tanjung Karang Beach


Tanjung Karang Beach, Palu.

Hi All,

How was your weekend? Good? Bad? I had okay weekend with my niece. We watched movie (Hit man: Agent 47, love it) and just browsing around the mall near Kemang.

Anyway, since it’s Monday and I know you feel lazy (need more sleep, right?), so why not I tell you story about great beach that you might want to go if you are in Palu, Central Sulawesi. It’s called Tanjung Karang Beach.

By the way, I’ve been here for 3 times and I still love it. What not to love? Look at the beach and how calm and clear the water is? Perfect for me. All I missed were a pitcher of margarita and nice book.

How to get there

Well, you have fly to Palu first. It’s like 3.5 hours flight (you can have direct flight or you should stop at Makassar first) from Jakarta. Then from the city, it takes around 1-1.5 hours drive to get to the beach. Sadly, you have to rent a car or motor cycle, because there is no public transportation to go there.

Also, once you got there, you might have to pay for entry fee (less than $0.5 per person) on the weekend.


The view during sunset

What to do

I only want to take swim and play with my iPad, but if you want to do other stuff, yes you can. You can have snorkelling or rent the boat to take you to the middle of the sea.

Also if you hungry, they food stall over there that will cook you food (try their seafood) or place to take a bath with cost off course. They also have one place to stay there, but it’s quite expensive, but many foreigners stay there.

I will have Nasi Gudeg for lunch.


Padini Weekend Tote Bag


Padini weekend tote bag

Hi All,

While waiting for my flight back to Jakarta, I want to share with you my latest purchase. It’s Padini weekend tote bag.

It’s not that I like to spend my money (I need to saving for sure), but my usual weekend bag, the also from Padini is retired now. The old one was made from faux leather and after 2 years, you know what happens. So I needed new bag to travel with me.

I like this bag not only because its colour but also because it’s made from canvas, roomy, and light. I can put many things in it and I even to think to wear it as my gym bag.

The price is RM.89.

Will have dinner on plane,



Jom Legoland Malaysia


Today outfit for Legoland trip

Hi All,
Here I am in Legoland Johor Bahru, Malaysia doing my duty as uncle for my 2 nephews.
My outfit today: army t-shirt that I got from South Korea, wrangler distress jeans, and Bearpath sandals.
Hope you have a great weekend ahead.


Street Style: Stylish Friends in Myeongdong


Street Style: Stylish Friends in Myeongdong

I wish I had stylish friends like this. You see, the Korean boys really bring it when they walk out from their door. And you know what the best part is? We all can do the same style because it’s not crazy style and we probably already have the items inside our closet.

It’s just a matter of how to match it. Can I get Amen?


6 Hours in HCM Vietnam


6 Hours in HCM

Hi All,

So like I said on my instagram that I really had long flights for this holiday. I need to go to KL first, then HCM (Saigon), before Seoul.

I really like HCM, because the city is quite small, easy to go around, and quite affordable. Not mention, easy to get local wine. So when I found out that I will have 6 hours (8 actually, but please exclude the time to travel between airport and the city, vice versa) to kill, I can’t ask for better place than HCM itself.  I know that I will have a lot of fun in the city and I was right.

So here are my activities while transit for 6 hours in HCM:


Banh Mi Huynh Hoa And Dalat White wine that you should try

  1. 3 PM. Arrive in Tan Son Nhat International Airport and since I’m Asean passport holder, it’s easy for me to get out from airport to the city (I already have the boarding pass to Seoul). I took the local bus 152 to the city for around 30 minutes and only cost me less than $0.20.
  2. 4-5 PM. Walking around the district 1 and window shopping around my favourite stores like Pedro and Dr.Martens. There was one pair of shoes from Pedro that I wanted to buy, but since I didn’t feel right, I passed (But turns out, it would be a great decision for the rest of the holiday, will tell you later).
  3. 6 PM. Dinner with my two favourites local food and drink. Banh Mi Huyn Hoa (less than $2) and  Dalat White wine (less than $5 per bottle). If you are around the district 1, then you can ask people or Google where is the place at. So perfect and delicious.
  4. 7- 9 PM. Since it was raining, I hang out at this cool café called Phuc Long Coffee & Tea Express just around the corner. It’s like perfect place for people watching and the people just can’t stop talking plus it’s not easy to get a chair. I tried this Oolong milk tea, which is so yummy and cost me $2. You will like this place to feel the HCM vibe.
  5. 10 PM. Going back to airport with Vina taxi (I highly recommend) and prepare to take off to Seoul. The taxi cost me around $12 since it’s only 7 KM distance from the city.

Cool Place to Hang Out in HCM, district 1

To be continue.




Hi All,
The Hari Raya holiday is near, so before the airport trafc becomes more crowded, then here I am, en route for Holiday.
Travel simple with black t-shirt, a jacket, and jeans because it’s long ride.
First stop: Kuala Lumpur.
Talk to you soon