Fashion Friday: 8 Seconds Sweaters


Fashion Friday; 8 Seconds Sweaters

Hi All,

Before you judge me with my weight, let me say it first. Just focus on the outfit here.

Here I am wearing 8 seconds sweaters that I got while holiday in South Korea (Have you tired of hear the same thing yet?) I like the quality, the simple design, and also the price. It was on sale for around less than $17.

I match the sweater with my new favourite Wrangler jeans and add animal print sneakers.

Talk to you soon,



Street Style: Sweatpants at Soeta Airport


Street Style: Sweatpants at Soeta

Where do I start? This dude is my fellow passenger from KL to Soeta, but I lost him after immigration line and I was pissed because of that. But, lucky me, I found him again at airport bus station. I had to convinced him that I’m a blogger, ask him to check out my blog, and he was refused at the first time (you see how hard it is for me to get a nice picture from stylish people?), but maybe because he felt petty for me, he agreed for me to take picture of him.

Back to his look.  He showed the best way to wear sweat pants. With Sweaters and sneakers off course. And again perfect for 2 hours flight. This is one of the best travelling looks.

In the end, it’s all worth it for me to get his picture. Don’t you think?