Kaizen Indonesia Review


Kaizen Indonesia: A modern barbershop which offers you quick but right hair cut in less than 10 minutes.

Hi All,

I really have busy schedule lately, so on the weekend, it’s my time to run errands, including time to maintain my hair. Since I also want to enjoy my weekend, it’s really important for me to get my hair done quick but right.

Enter Kaizen Indonesia. It’s a modern barbershop, which offers you quick cut in just 10 minutes. What I like about Kaizen is that it has around 40 outlets that really strategically so it’s really convenience for us, busy people. They even have outlet inside Seven Eleven store. For example, I got my haircut in Setiabudi One. It’s perfect place to get your hair cut on the weekend, but also, during working hours, because again, only 10 minutes. I got my hair cut in less than 9 minutes.


The place is clean, hygiene, and affordable.

Oh, have I mention that they sterilize all of the tools (scissor, hair comb, etc) for every customer? It’s hygienic and affordable (I only pay around IDR.45k) as well. Plus, in the end, they will give your free hair comb as souvenir. How cool is that? And if you have to wait, no worries, they also provide newspaper, magazine, even free wifi to entertain you. Not only it’s perfect hair cut for busy people for, but for children as well.


The Hairstylist is profesional and will always give you advice about the right hair cut for you.

Kaizen barbershop opens every day from 10 AM – 9 PM. For more details, please click here to see the Kaizen outlet near you.



In The Fitting Room: Zara Loafers


Zara Loafers Shoes or as I call it Pretty Shoes

Are you working right now? Got Bored with work? Well, then let’s take a break to see this pretty loafers from Zara.

I call it pretty loafers because it’s great to see and wear it on nice surface (like your office building floor), but when it comes to real surface, especially on Jakarta’s street, your shoes will cry like a  lost child. The streets to this kind of shoes are just like they way your boss treats you, too hard.

But again, there’s nothing to imagine to have this pretty shoes. The price around $105.

What’s your plan for Easter weekend?


If You Love Your Shoes


Rockport shoe care

Maybe the word love is too strong and not that masculine, but you get my point, right? As shoes addict (another word that I shouldn’t say as a man, but whatever), it’s really important for you to take care your shoes like taking care of your precious car or motor bike or any toys you have (not judging).

It’s still raining season here in Jakarta, so it’s really important to protect your shoes from dirt and water, especially the suede one. You can get those two basic ingredients at local shoes shop, it’s like less than $10 each, but will be so worth in long term.


If You Find Item That Fit You Well


Wrangler ‘Vegas’ Skinny Black Jeans

Like I told you in many of my posts and off course in my book,  whenever you find item, whatever it is (shoes, jeans, or t-shirt) that fit you well, make your best to have another back up item. Because you know, once the item is sold out or no reproduce again, you’ll cry out loud because your only one item is ripping apart and you can’t find another brand that can replace it. I hear you brother and sister.

So for my case, I really can’t find other brand that can fit my but that well other than Wrangler ‘Vegas’ Skinny Jeans in black colour. It fits me very nice and most of all, I feel good about myself whenever I put it on. For you, maybe you don’t have to buy 2 items directly (unless they offer additional discount) or you already know it’s the one, but at least you can start saving from now on. You feel me?

Preparing my next travel,


Thinking About Brim Hat

Forever21 brim hat

Forever21 brim hat

I never knew how cool is to wear Brim Hat with your casual outfit. I mean, really cool. For example, let using your imagination, you can wear with this Forever21 hat with your denim shirt and black jeans. Wear it with simple t-shirt  and short. Or wear it with denim jacket for your casual walk with lover or friends. Plus it’s cold outside, so no reason not to wear accessories to protect your head from rain with benefit looking stylish.

Do you think they have this hat at Jakarta’s store?


What We Can Steal From Girls Section at The Store

forever21 poncho

Chevron Knit Poncho

Source: Foverer21.com

We always hear the girls steal something from us, boys. Have you ever heard about the term like ‘boyfriend’s shirt?’ or ‘Boyfriend jeans?” Well, now it’s time for us to pay visit to their department.

Listen to me first before you scroll out this post like you always do. Actually, there’s always something that we can learn or in this case, buy from girl’s section. It’s not what you think silly. I’m not talking about you buy the dress or jeans (although some boys do that), but it’s more simple than you think. I’m talking about the accesories. We, boy can always have something from girl section like a nice poncho. You ever thought about it? I mean, poncho is unisex. Once you put it on and have a bit confident, you can walk around the city in style.

Since the girls fashion always competitive market, no wonder all the brands trying to give something new, fresher, and better than previous collection. Girl can wear it, boy can rock it too. And if you look closer, the material is better and you can wear it with basicly you have in your closet. Other than this poncho, you also can find:

  • Jewelry, the light one I mean.
  • Scarf, obviously.
  • Other stuff, just be creative.

So next time when you go store, spare your time to visit the girls section.

You never know what you might find.







Banana Republic: Slim For Every Body

0807_US_M_GQ_DP_16114_Body1 IMG_4540.JPG

Source: BananaRepublic.com

Hi All,

How was your weekend? Don’t tell me if it was bad. But let me tell you this, you can start your week by looking at this great pictures of Banana Republic slim edition.

My favorite are slim pant and shirt, especially the sand color, perfect for now. Don’t you think?

Tomorrow is travelling day.