Street Style: Short Suit


Street Style: Short Suit

I think only in Seoul you can wear pretty much any high fashion look and people won’t look at you like some kind of weirdo like they do in Jakarta. Like for example, this short suit look. He reminds me of Thom Browne’s signature suit. This young gentlemen wear it complete with hat and suspender plus sandals (it was big fashion in Seoul at the time).

The result? Real fashion on street (well in this case at the train station), but you get my point.



Street Style: Cargo Pants and Simple White Shirt


Street Style: Cargo Pants and Simple white shirt

Hi All,

It’s Friday, what’s your plan for this weekend? After traveling non stop for almost 2 weeks, I really need to go to the gym today. Not because I’m a gym freak, but because I pay the gym subscription and I want to make sure I use it to the maximum.

Back to fashion, I took this shot in Seoul and you know what’s great about it? Almost every man can wear it. All you need is slim cargo pants and white shirt, sneakers, and you ready to go.

That’s why I called it easy breezy.

I was thinking to take Trx class this afternoon,


Street Style: Matchy-Matchy Plaids in Train Station


Street Style: Matchy-matchy Plaids in Train Station

I don’t think I would wear this in Jakarta because people will looking at me like I’m an alien, but I really I like the this Korean boy’s style. Wearing matchy-matchy plaids but keep it simple because he knows his outfit already made a quite statement.

What kind of outfit that you won’t wear in your city?


Street Style: Simple White T-shirt in Sinsa Dong


Street Style: White t-shirt in Sinsa Dong

If you ever come to Sinsa Dong area in Seoul, then you know two things about the area:

  1. The area is packed with a lot of fashion shops.
  2. It’s source of inspiration for street style.

Exhibit #1, this young man who’s wearing simple white t-shirt, black pants, and sandals. It’s too simple, I know, but something about Korean style, they can make simple look to another level of sophistication.


Street Style: Green Sweater in Busan


Street Style: Green Sweater in Busan

I had no idea how cold Busan can be at night. So at the time I went there, I didn’t bring my jacket, because I thought “It’s summer and it’s beach anyway, why should bring jacket?” I was wrong.

During the day, the weather is lovely, but after 3 PM, it’s windy and getting colder at night. And this young man in the train knows what to wear. Simple sweater in green colour and keep everything basic.


Street Style: White Pants & Tassel Loafers in Haeundae Beach


Street Style: White Pants & Tassel Loafers in Haeundae Beach

This is my first street style picture from South Korea. I saw this gentleman as officer from BMW show room in Haeundae beach area and I knew I had to stop and take his picture.

Do you know what’s amazing about this picture? The shirt is his work uniform and the rest of his outfit is up to him to look good. So he decided to wear white pants and tassel loafer in navy colour. So stylish. I mean, common, let’s be real for once, have you ever seen any other officer who looks this good? Exactly.

Many of street style picture to come from South Korea.

Stay tuned,


He inspired me to wear white pants