Best Dressed Men 2014 According to Details Magazine

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So there you go, thanks to Details magazine, the list of best dressed men for 2014. I agree with some of the people on the list (Tinie Tempah, Harry Style, and Kanye West), but some, not so much. But hey, we can always agree to disagree.

Tell me who is your favorite?



Travel In Style With Mr.Gosling



I pretend to think that you are still upset that I didn’t publish many post as I used to the past two weeks and I’m sorry for that. But here’s the case, my work requires me to travel heavy this month, more than usual, so I choose to spend my time for work (that pays my bills) than posting anything on my blog, because in the end of the day, I’m so tired.

So today, before I’m flying again this afternoon, I want to give you treat with Ryan Gosling style while traveling. So simple yet so stylish. Effortless cool. And you what the best part is? You have every piece inside your closet.

Plaid shirt/jacket? Checked. Simple t-shirt & Cardigan? Checked. Basic pants? Checked. Boots? Checked.

Whenever you feel warm, you can take off the plaid shirt/jacket. So in the end of the day, you will have comfort while travelling while looking stylish.

Okay, gotta go. My taxi is waiting down stairs, got to catch flight in another hour.

See you when I see you,


Ryan Gosling Rocks Summer Formal Look



This is the reason why fashion makes me happy. You can always learn something from it every single day. Evidence #1, Ryan Gosling style at Cannes Film Festival.

Who knew you can pull of this easy breasy look but still look polish? Simple brown pants, leather boot, and most importantly, light blue shirt with rolled up sleeve. What a great trick! So perfect for summer.

Mr.Gosling you keep doing what you do Sir!

Thank you,


Trend Alert: Tortoise Glasses

Image: Zimbio

I can guarantee you can’t be wrong with this season accesories: Tortoise Glasses. Or it probably gonna end up with you for a long time because it’s very versatile. Whether it’s for formal purpose or just to cover your face from sun light, tortoise gives you one of those confidence elements, thanks to its classicness and stylish combination. H&M has the affordable version, which won’t break your bank. Another proof, you don’t have to be rich to have kick ass accesories.

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What To Wear For Music Festival

Just because music festival (like Coachella) is here, doesn’t mean you can wear whatever you want. Keep your inner rock star inside and wear something cool yet appropriate for the festive. Still stuck with your distressed shirt or jeans from high school? Follow this 5 simple tips and you’ll be set to dance and singing in style.

  1. Always start with two good basic pieces you like: vintage t-shirt & decent jeans.
  2. Keep it simple, both type (cotton is the best) and the thickness of the fabric (Take a clue of layering from Ryan Gosling).
  3. Khakis (in short cut) is great alternative than denim.
  4. Keep away the sun with straw hat or cool shade.
  5. Stay hydrate with tons of water or juice.


                                                                                                                                                                                              Phot Credit: Zimbio

Trend Alert: Pajama & Shirt as Outwear

The world keeps change, so does the evolution of Menswear. What once should be worm only at night before you go to sleep or you wear under your formal shirt, now is official become outwear item. Just ask David Bekcham, David Gandhi, and Ryan Gosling.

Those three most stylist men of 2011 show us how a shirt can be worm on the street, a party event, and even pajama is welcomed at the red carpet. Talking about an effortless cool style. The key to make it happen without loosing the “formal” sense is to keep the shirt or pajama simple (one basic colour) and has great quality of fabric. Another trick to make it even more appropriate for the outside the house activity is to add a touch of kick ass jacket like Gandhi or two tone shoe for playfull side of Gosling.



Have you made your 2012 “better me list” yet? Whether you already made or not, here’s one idea deserve to be added: more stylist.
To help you with that, we presents you the most stylist mens of 2011. Hopefully you got inspired!

  1. Ryan Gosling, isn’t that obvious why he is our #1 most stylist men of the year? Everything he wears is effortless cool. Whether wearing Dolce & Gabbana suit on the red carpet or rocking motorbike jacket at the airport. He’s got the whole packet.
  2. Kanye West. The rapper turn designer is nothing but bold statement. Gold accesories, leather pants, and stylist outfit. With his taste of fashion, Kanye definitely bring rapper’s look to the next level.
  3. David beckham. He’s always look good in everything, but what I really love about him is how he is the master of casual style. Plaid shirt, jeans, beanie hat, even a simple white t-shirt couldn’t be any cooler when he’s wearing it.
  4. Justin Bieber. He is the most popular teenage in the world, he is also the most stylist teenage in the world. If you looking for street style inspiration, you know where to find one.
  5. David Gandy. From one David to another David. The british born model shows us how to dress like a truly gentlemen. His style always about classic with modern twist. He knows how master the art of tweed jacket with jeans.

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