The Reason I like Raining Season


My PS varsity jacket & Lea denim jacket

Is because I could wear my jackets without feel not appropriate for the occasion. Usually, It’s very hot here in Jakarta, so it’s a miracle you can wear jacket for the weather reason-not just because you want to look cool. No one wishes for the floods as well, but let’s see the bright side of this situation people.

I told you, I can be positive person sometime,



Lea Denim Jacket



Investment Piece that you will have it forever-if you treat it right.

Hi All,

I know, it’s been a while. Something came up in my life and have to deal with it but hey, blogging is all the drugs I need. Just like this one drug a.k.a denim jacket that I been wanting forever. My first decent denim jacket from Lea (Indonesia denim famous brand). What I like about this brand is that it’s local made, great quality, but still in affordable price.

You know I don’t buy an item if it can’t be mixed with at least 3 looks with my already own clothing, but this one my friend, is fit just like glove even fitter than N word on Paula Deen’s mouth. I try with every thing and I don’t want to brag, but I feel good about myself.

Plus, I got this baby with 20% off at Matahari department store during holiday season. See, finally I can see that holiday is not bad at all. All I need now is my favourite tailor to fit the jacket on my body.

You are lucky if you don’t have to go home this Xmas,


Coach Bleecker Legacy Bag


It’s investment, not just a shopping

I might broke now, but I’m also proud to say what’s the reason. Introduce my new work bag, Coach’s Bleecker legacy bag in dark brown color with my name initial. It’s one of classic shape, big enough to put your things and laptop (like I would do that), and it’s should be timeless.

The truth is, I want to get the light brown, but somehow, thanks to miscommunication, I got this the darker one. But it’s fine, as long I got it with cheaper price (Call the customer service officer from Asia, wait for a while, send it to my friend’s address, he got back to Shanghai, before I got 2 months later), It also means, I will have another chance to get a new one, a better one.

Stop crying b*tch, Life goes on,


Trend Alert: Short Cut Off Jean


Zax Efron with pairing t-shirt with short cut off jean. Very casual.


Pharrell Williams: the print shirt just dope.

Source: Zimbio

It’s official, short cut off jean is the new trend now. From Zac Efron casual style to Pharrell Williams polcadot print shirt, simply dope.

I better start to think what to wear this long weekend with short cut out jeans.

What you having for breakfast today?


Toiletries Bag


Perfect to keep my Toiletries Kit in order

I found this toiletries bag at Padini, my favourite store in Malaysia, in black nylon with touch of tan leather. Perfect to put all of my toiletries when traveling. It was last piece, so I can’t let the opportunity went away.
It was originally for a girl bag, but hey, it’s new world, who cares?


Something About Dove Soap Bar

Dove Soap Bar

Something About Dove Soap bar

Let me be real with you for sec. It’s near end of month and I’m running out of cash, or in this case, running out of soap. So what I did is go to Guardian store and looking for soap. Guess what I get? Great product with great price. That’s what I call a real deal.

The smell of grape fruit and lemon grass are so refreshing. And the soap bar itself? Remain me so much of old days, when soap bar was your daily soap. Beside, it feels so macho, well, it’s Dove, so I just stick with the refreshing feeling.

Friday-Laundry day,