Men’s Guide To Style on Play Store Now!!

Titoley Buku

Men’s Guide To Style on Play Store now

I’m so excited to tell you another good news, well at least for me that my book, Men’s Guide To Style ,now available on Play store.

What’s even more better, now you can get with special price and yes, you can even anywhere with you.


Tomorrow is holiday,




Last Night at Rase FM 102.3 Fm Bandung



Me and Adiet-the radio DJ

Gotta tell you something, the radio promo last night at Rase FM Bandung was the highlight of this week. The people there were so nice to me and best of all, the listeners killing it with their questions. No wonder Bandung is named as the most fashionable city in Indonesia. I felt appreciated.

Special thanks to the host, mas Adiet, Bobby, Dodo, and mas Fajar.

In Surabaya now, can’t wait to get back to Jakarta.



My Baby is Here: Men’s Guide to Style



Men’s Guide to Style is here. Can start Pre Order.


The game is on now. My book is finally here and I can’t tell you how excited I am right now. Thank you for my publisher, Gagasmedia that already put my book on the new book list.

You know what’s funny? I even have not got my hand on my book, but someone already bought and read my book (Picture above is from a tweet). Thank you. Next week, you can pick up the book from book stores like Gramedia, Gunung Agung, Toga Mas, and Rumah Buku.

But if you want special price during Pre-Order week, just click here.

I’ll be on air with Pro1 Jak Radio today from 6 PM (91.2 FM). You can hear it streaming.

Off to yoga class now,



Pre Order Men’s Guide to Style book


Hi All,

Before you can see my book on book store end of this month, you now can pre order my book with special price. The normal price is IDR.60,000, but you get special price IDR.45,000 during the Pre order week. If you want, I can sign the book for you.

oh by the way, the special price not included ship fee to your place.

Order here.

Thank you,


Say Hi to My 3rd Book: Men’s Guide To Style

Titoley Buku

Will coming to store next month

Hi All,

So here’s what I promised you yesterday. The book cover for my 3rd book: Men’s Guide To Style. It’s everything I have been blogging about for the last 3 years. It provides guidance and trick for regular men like you and me to get familiar with style. No high fashion talk, I can promised you that.

We’ve been working so hard for the last two years to make it happens, so yes, I’m proud of it and would like you to enjoy it as well. It will be published by GagasMedia, one of the biggest Indonesia’s publisher. So yes, next month you can see (and most important thing is, buy it) at the book store near you. It’s written in Bahasa.

About the pre-order, will let you know ASAP.