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Another day, another proof why you should see the street style to be inspired by fashion.

This time,  the credit goes to Mr.Porter.

Open your close to see item you haven’t wear in long time (today’s tips).




Why You Can’t Get Rid Your Old Clothes Just Like Your First Wife.


The title of this post is so long, I know, but the I need your attention anyway. After wearing it so many times, the clothes finally adjust to our body and we feel comfortable in it. No matter what happens, after long working day or even after we cheat (shorta) with new clothes, we know we can always come back to our old t-shirt and feel safe and sound.
That’s why I say, it’s not easy to get rid of your old clothes just like your first wife, unless she is a freak.

It’s Monday,

How To Pull Off Monotone Outfit

GQ is always been bible of style for me.  I read the magazines and check the website every day, just to find out what is the trend right now and I’m kinda can’t get enough. The clothing, the styling, the editorial, and everything in between always make me happy and inspired.

One picture that recently really cought my eyes is the interview with Max Greenfield. Gotta admit, I’m not into the interview itself, but more to about the styling part. Who though that outfit in Monotone outfit, especially in gray (my favourite colour) can be so much fun yet so stylish?

I mean, many of mens are afraid to wear the same colour from head to toe because it can look like you trying to hard get notice or you simply boring.

In order to avoid that, follow these 3 tips to pull off monoton outfit:

1. Always start with basic colour. Remember, you are not try to be got the attention because you like cartoon character, so always wear basic colour like black, navy, brown, or gray.

2. Play with texture & print. Wear your gray jeans with striped shirt or ugly sweater in the same colour family. Never try to wear very match colour from head to toe. Try different shirt, jacket, or t-shirt that has same colour. Have fun with your clothes.

 3.Add pop of colour. Since wearing the basic colour, it’s fun to add a pop of colour to complete your look. A red socks or belt, dessert boots,  loafer, or even orange beanie hat is the kind of accesories you need.

The Power of Socks

20111214-231519.jpgI never realized this before, but when it comes to men’s fashion, it’s all in the details. We don’t have many fashion options like the ladies have, but we have all we need to make powefull statement. Or in this case, playfull one.

Socks for me is just not-to-pay-attention accesory before, but thanks to David Beckham and the power of internet, not anymore. Socks can be so much interesting if you know how to treat it right.

For instant, try to matching your socks with your shirt colour (like we see on Beckham). It will add a little pop to your whole outfit. Or another idea, when the your basic outfit is black, gray, white or any natural colour, then you can go further with print socks, totally will focus on your foot.

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The “It” Things

I can’t count for sure how many times I’ve been bought many thing before I finally found the one that I really like-A lot!! For example, office’s bag. Before I found the it bag in form of tote, I had to bought backpack, messanger bag, & briefcase. Those are great bag and came in great price too, but somehow I don’t feel that comfortable when I go to the office with one of those. Then someday I found what I’ve been looking for. A nice tote bag from local brand-Parachute. It was everything I need for a office’s bag. Medium size (big enough for iPad), classic design (In navy blue colour with brown leather), & It was on sales on Centro (I got it for less than IDR.150k). Since then, I barely change my office’s bag, except when it is being dry cleaned.

Lesson learned? It is okay to be failed in term of finding the right/it things for us.  If you fail, then try again. Fake it untill you make it-if you have to. Just remember, take your time, there is no need to rush. Our style is divined by our past experiences, included mistakes. But once you got it (office bag/watch/shoes/anything), please take care with your life. Is that even make any sense? Well, you decide.

Versace for H&M






The wait is over. Now (almost) everyone can finally have Versace in their closet. The Italian’s fashion brand is the latest one who collaborate with the Swedish’s retail-clothing company.
For Men’s department, the clothing is well very Versace. Modern Flamboyant meets street Rock & Roll. Print shirt and pink suit from head to toe (yes, shoe). Def is for someone who is not afraid to standout in the crowd (literally). My favourite is the leather jacket and basic black tuxedo. Perfect for fall and perfect for wallet! The price range is start from $29.9 to $299.

For more info, click H&M