Lesson I Learn From My GrandMa


On our way to Johor Premium Outlet Last week

Meet Nisakorn, a.k.a My GrandMa as I called her, my good friend from Thailand and I love her for 2 reasons. First, she is so nice because just like other Thai people, she believes in karma. Whatever you ask from her, as long it’s not a crime or bad thing, she will give it to you. I never have to worry if I run out of cash. Second, she has no ashame when it comes to discount. She will bargain for the cheapest price even when it’s fixed one. I think I’m pretty bad to bargain to the lowest price with the seller, but with Nisa, suddently I become an angel. But guess what? Her trick works very well. I got 20% extra discount when I bought watch because of her. And the best, when I bough my Esprit Coat, she had this crazy idea. She asked random people on the store whether I can add my item to their basket because I could get additional 40% discount for buy more than 4 items. And yes, one customer approved her request. So in the end, I only pay MYR 90 from MYR 140. Total saving, MYR 50. I guess the lesson is, ask then you’ll receive. You have nothing to loose.

Later will show you the coat,



Place to go: Johor Premium Outlet


I’m on my way to Melaka now. While waiting the bus, wanna share you nice shopping place in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.
People call it JPO or Johor Premium Outlet. It’s 30 minutes driving from the city and its worth to go. What they offer you is mid & premium brands like Levi’s, Guess, Burberry, Coach, Michael Kors, and many more last season items at discount price. If you lucky enough, you will get great deal like $10 Levi’s white canvas sneakers or $ 15 cargo pants.
Just make sure you allocate one day and better if you go in weekend, because most brands will give you additional discount that you wont find during week days.
How to go there? Can take taxi for sure, but if you want economy price, take the bus from Woodland immigration. Just go in ground level where all the bus parked and ask where the bus to JPO. You only need to pay Rm 4.5 per trip.

Have a nice weekend,