The Most Celebrated GQ Cover Man of The Year? Daniel Craig

Maybe it’s because the 50 years anniversary of the popular agent, James Bond; Maybe it’s because his look; Maybe it’s because the cost sharing. But whatever it is, we have to accept the fact that Daniel Craig is the most celebrated GQ cover of the year. From gracing the cover of GQ UK, France, to Australia, it’s all about Daniel Craig & James Bond.

It only means one thing for menswear trend next year: Gentlement, British Influence (formal) look is in. Is it just another benefit other than beautifull girls & cars for being an agent? Then sign me up please.

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Best Of PARIS FASHION WEEK FALL 2011 (part.1)

Looking at this (of many) favourite of mine, i have to say, the inspirations for fall 2011 from Paris Fashion Week are movies. As we can see the look from Jean Paul Gaultier, i think it’s totally James Bond’s look. With great suit with twist of sexy short pants. It’s so refreshing. Or from Agnes B‘s pirate look: i can’t think of other movies beside The Pirates of Carribean.

I also like the other’s designers who keep the inspiration classic & timeless. Just like the camel & black coat from Victor&Rolf or perfectly made knitwear from Louis Vuitton. If i compare with Milan Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week offers more versatile piece. And i like that-ALOT. Because i think NOT everybody is prefering suit for everyday look.

To be continue….