Fashion Friday: Jeff Goldblum


Jeff Goldblum rocking a leather jacket in very cool way.



This is what I’m talking about when it comes to style for men. Simpler the better.

Thank you Jeff Goldblum for showing us how to dress a leather jacket without trying too much (Joe Jonas could take this tips from him). Simple leather jacket + white t-shirt + black denim + black shoes. Everything is basic colour, except the brown hat that gives the extra cool factor.

If you ask me, every men can rock this outfit. Seriously. If Jeff who’s 63 can do it, then why you in your 20s or 30s can’t do the same? Because we already have the basic pieces in our closet. It just a matter of combine all pieces together.

In homage to Jeff’s style, I will watch one of my favourite movies of all time this weekend. Jurassic Park.



In Fitting Room: Uniqlo Blue Shirt


In Fitting Room: Uniqlo Shirt

So I was walking around with my friends during lunch hour at Uniqlo store in Jakarta and the next thing you know, I was in fitting room, trying their new product.

It’s blue shirt and just perfect for me. The colour, the fit, and how it will fit perfectly with the rest of my wardrobe. The only thing I don’t comfort enough is the price. It’s around $20 and I can get 2 pieces of shirt from Zalora Indonesia with the same amount of money.

But we’ll see Uniqlo.

What you do during lunch hour?


Fashion Friday: 8 Seconds Sweaters


Fashion Friday; 8 Seconds Sweaters

Hi All,

Before you judge me with my weight, let me say it first. Just focus on the outfit here.

Here I am wearing 8 seconds sweaters that I got while holiday in South Korea (Have you tired of hear the same thing yet?) I like the quality, the simple design, and also the price. It was on sale for around less than $17.

I match the sweater with my new favourite Wrangler jeans and add animal print sneakers.

Talk to you soon,


Fashion Friday: Top Ten Shirt


Fashion Friday: Top Ten Shirt

Hi All,

Are you planning anything for weekend? Here I am wearing Top Ten Shirt, which I deeply in love with. I got it from Top Ten store in Busan for a great deal (only 14,000 won) and it’s definitely will stay in my closet for a while.

It’s perfect colour (deep navy) with white lines and if you understand me, then it will fit to the rest of my wardrobe. You understand me, right?

Have a nice weekend.


Kaizen Indonesia Review


Kaizen Indonesia: A modern barbershop which offers you quick but right hair cut in less than 10 minutes.

Hi All,

I really have busy schedule lately, so on the weekend, it’s my time to run errands, including time to maintain my hair. Since I also want to enjoy my weekend, it’s really important for me to get my hair done quick but right.

Enter Kaizen Indonesia. It’s a modern barbershop, which offers you quick cut in just 10 minutes. What I like about Kaizen is that it has around 40 outlets that really strategically so it’s really convenience for us, busy people. They even have outlet inside Seven Eleven store. For example, I got my haircut in Setiabudi One. It’s perfect place to get your hair cut on the weekend, but also, during working hours, because again, only 10 minutes. I got my hair cut in less than 9 minutes.


The place is clean, hygiene, and affordable.

Oh, have I mention that they sterilize all of the tools (scissor, hair comb, etc) for every customer? It’s hygienic and affordable (I only pay around IDR.45k) as well. Plus, in the end, they will give your free hair comb as souvenir. How cool is that? And if you have to wait, no worries, they also provide newspaper, magazine, even free wifi to entertain you. Not only it’s perfect hair cut for busy people for, but for children as well.


The Hairstylist is profesional and will always give you advice about the right hair cut for you.

Kaizen barbershop opens every day from 10 AM – 9 PM. For more details, please click here to see the Kaizen outlet near you.


Is Harry Style the Stylist Man? I think So

Is Harry Style the most stylish man alive? I think so (Source:

Is Harry Style the most stylish man alive? I think so

Maybe his hair. Maybe his tattoos. Or maybe because he’s a boy band. I don’t know. All I know is that Harry Style has become one of the most stylish man on earth. Not only for red carpet or fashion show, but also on real life. Meaning, you can get inspired by him when you see him at the coffee shop or airport.

Point of my case, here’s Harry at LAX looking summery and stylish. All he’s wearing is cartoon shirt + white jeans + boots. Simple yet effective way to make you outstanding.

Maybe I will wear this look on next flight. Off to Padang now.


Fashion Friday: Going For Monochromatic


Eddi Redmayne (Source:

Maybe it’s because getting older which makes my taste for clothing more and more become monochromatic. For example, I practically live in my black Wrangler jeans, because for once, I can be myself while dealing with daily hectic job.

So there’s no better way to end your week today (if you work only until Friday) then simply monochromatic look like Eddie Redmayne. The British actor is wearing everything in navy colour (one of my favourite) with twist dark brown boots. Simple yet very stylish.

Hope you have great weekend!!