6 Favorite Suits Around $800 via GQ

If you need some office style inspiration for the week ahead, you are welcome.







Source: GQ.com


Best of NYFW Street Style Via GQ

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Via GQ.com

It took me a while to see, but here are some of the best street style during NYFW. All I can see is navy color in monochromatic look. Denim look is stronger than ever. Just in case you wanna prepare yourself for work outfit inspiration. Thank you Tommy for the pictures. 

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Magazine Cut: Kanye West on GQ’s August Cover

I don’t like to talk bad about people, but for this one, is one of the view exception. When I’m reading his interview with GQ Magazine, I felt obnoxious about every word he said. So I skip his interview and just enjoy the styling. The opposite of his interview/music, his style is really something that I like. If you tone down a little bit, you can also learn how to dress based on this rapper.

1405735335192_1405538737273_kanye-west-gq-magazine-september-2014-style-05 1405735396429_1405538737271_kanye-west-gq-magazine-september-2014-style-04 1405735399506_1405538737270_kanye-west-gq-magazine-september-2014-style-03 1405735406444_1405538737269_kanye-west-gq-magazine-september-2014-style-02 1405735409881_1405538737274_kanye-west-gq-magazine-september-2014-style-06 1405735419126_1405538737267_kanye-west-gq-magazine-september-2014-style-01 1405735421492_1405538737274_kanye-west-gq-magazine-september-2014-style-07 1405735425883_1405633047061_kanye-west-gq-magazine-september-2014-style-11 1405735427594_1405633047051_kanye-west-gq-magazine-september-2014-style-09 1405735429982_1405633047048_kanye-west-gq-magazine-september-2014-style-08

Source: GQ.com

First Rule of Pitti Uomo’s Street Style: Must Sockless via GQ Magazine


Source: GQ.com

We know sneaker is in for now, but if you see all of the gentlemants at Pitti Uomo, they still keep their outfit classy (mostly suits) but with modern twist. Sockless. Maybe because it’s summer, maybe because it’s stylish. Either way, it works very well.

Just remember to wear visible socks or atleast some powder to keep your feet dry and oudor free.

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