Thank You Note


Thank you all. Men’s Guide To Style

Dear All,

If you read my tweet, then you know what I’m about to say. But in case you didn’t, listen up. Yesterday, when I got off the plane, my agent gave me unexpected news. My book, Men’s Guide to Style, is sold for almost 1,00o copies so far. Not bad for a boy from Sumba, right? Applause to my agent, Sari and my publisher, Gagasmedia.

So all I’m saying is, thank you for the chance you gave me by went to book store or ordered it online. Either way, thank you.

Now I’m planning on how to invest my royalty via Mr.Porter.



Rabu Ganteng: Lebaran Edition

Rabu Ganteng_Baju lebaran

Rabu Ganteng: Lebaran Edition

By the time you read this post, I probably at KL, waiting my flight to Boracay. So if you smart enough, you’ll figure this picture was taken days before my holiday. This week theme is Lebaran and since I don’t celebrate it, try my best to be appropriate for the occasion.

I mixed my favorite Seed shirt + dark denim + My made-by-order-tassel loafer shoes.

I choose the shirt because it’s from cotton, so  it would absorb the sweat and the loafer because it’s easy for me to take off the shoes when I’m come to my cusson’s house and to eat the whole Opor Ayam & Sambal Atie next week. Just saying.

Anyway, it’s the last Rabu Ganteng, please make sure you’ll join us by sending your tweet picture of your Lebaran’s look with hash tag #RabuGanteng, cc me (@Titoley, @FashionPria, @Gagasmedia).

But wait, have you shop for Lebaran, yet?

Try my best to RT your tweets whenever there’s wifi.


Rabu Ganteng: Hang out Outfit


Rabu Ganteng: Hang out outfit

Hi All,

It’s Wednesday again and it means one thing: Rabu Ganteng is back. The theme for this week is oufit for hang out with your friends, so this my own interpretation. My style is always casual, so it’s like my everyday look. This time, I choose to wear:

Classic denim shirt + slim cargo pants + DIY Sneakers = Ready for hang out with friends.

You can also join this competition to win cool prizes, by send us your tweet pic by cc @FashionPria , @Gagasmedia, and hashtag #RabuGanteng. We will wait until 6 PM today.

Until then, I’m off now.



Thank You My Book Reader


Thank you.

Hi All,

How was your weekend? Nice? Bad? Okay? Anyway, I wanna tell you something good that happened to me on last Saturday.

So there’s this one reader of my book, Men’s Guide To Style who reached out to me via Twitter and told me his concern about the book.

On page 57 (he’s very detail), he was bit confused about whether I suggest to wear sleeveless or normal sweater. Obviously the normal sweater, but I have to admit, it didn’t communicate well on the book.  So thank you @HilmanFadhli for your feedback. I really appreciate it.

Seriously, you have no idea what it means to me when someone (actual person that I don’t know) told me that he did read my book. It means that my work is appreciated by people- other than my family and close friends. So again, thank you.

I promise I’ll fix it if my Publisher decides to reprint my book,


The Winner of This Week Rabu Ganteng


Yesterday Winner: @Nurobie


First of all, I wanna say thank you for all of you who already particapated with yesterday #RabuGanteng. Most of you look good, but there’s only can be one winner every week. So after deep consideration, the winner is @Nurobie. Congrats!

The reason why I choose his style is because he has the whole package, from head to toe, complete with bag as well. What I like the most of this outfit is that it’s still appropriate for office but also has casual and stylish vibe.

The prizes are my book and 50k IDR shopping voucher from So Enjoy!

Tips for next week: Please take full picture of your look (from head to toe).



GRATIS Buku Men’s Guide To Style? Begini Caranya


Hai Semua,

Sebagai bagian dari persiapan “Meet & Greet Penulis GagasMedia” yang akan diadakan sampai minggu depan di Jakarta Book Fair, kami akan membagikan 5 (lima) buku “Men’s Guide To Style” gratis kepada pemenang yang beruntung.

Caranya menang?

1. Cukup ikutan chat di twitterku @Titoley mulai hari ini, saat jam pulang kerja.

2. Bisa ikutan bertanya, berbagi pengalaman, or anything related to Style. Gampang kan?

Untuk topik hari ini adalah tips berpakaian untuk wawancara kerja.

Syarat pengambilan buku:

1. Harus datang pada saat sesi “meet & great” ku, yaitu Sabtu, 31 Mei 2014, Jam 7 Malam di Jakarta Book Fair.

2. Jika tidak bisa datang pada saat acara, maka terpaksa hadiah akan dianggap hangus.

Ditunggu partisipasinya,