Lesson I Learn From My GrandMa


On our way to Johor Premium Outlet Last week

Meet Nisakorn, a.k.a My GrandMa as I called her, my good friend from Thailand and I love her for 2 reasons. First, she is so nice because just like other Thai people, she believes in karma. Whatever you ask from her, as long it’s not a crime or bad thing, she will give it to you. I never have to worry if I run out of cash. Second, she has no ashame when it comes to discount. She will bargain for the cheapest price even when it’s fixed one. I think I’m pretty bad to bargain to the lowest price with the seller, but with Nisa, suddently I become an angel. But guess what? Her trick works very well. I got 20% extra discount when I bought watch because of her. And the best, when I bough my Esprit Coat, she had this crazy idea. She asked random people on the store whether I can add my item to their basket because I could get additional 40% discount for buy more than 4 items. And yes, one customer approved her request. So in the end, I only pay MYR 90 from MYR 140. Total saving, MYR 50. I guess the lesson is, ask then you’ll receive. You have nothing to loose.

Later will show you the coat,