One Thing That Still Relevant For Today From James Bod’s Movies

Source: Zimbio

I watched one of Bond’s movie last night and guess what? I think part of the story is not relevant anymore. I’m talking about the girls, offcourse. Why would a bunch of modern girls (it’s 2012 modern we are talking about) still willing to be Bond’s girl? Seriously. If you call sleep with the hero and got killed less than 1 minutes is an acting, then they should get an Oscar-as the stupiest actress. You can do better than that. At least, be a smart lady, don’t get killed easily.

But on the other side, the movie also has good point of view that really still relevant for today. Gentlemant should always dress with style. James Bond maybe can’t have serious relationship commitment but he does have serious commitment to dress very well. Even is simple polo shirt & white pants, that dude can’t really go wrong. One thing that we should give credit to the British.

Here’s tips on how to dress like Bond:

  1. Always choose classic piece of clothing with great quality. Either it’s polo shirt, khaki pants, sweater, or even white shirt- classic piece never goes out of style and since it has good quality, you can wear it over and over again for more than one seasons.
  2. Fit is everything. No matter how expensive your shirt is but if it’s not fit to YOUR body, then it would look like a cheap bargain. Prepare extra budget every time you buy new piece to alter your body. Find your trusty tailor.
  3. Know which part of your body that can be your main focus when it comes to dress. If you have killer biceps, then show it with basic polo shirt or fit t-shirt whenever you can, as long it considered appropiate.

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The Most Celebrated GQ Cover Man of The Year? Daniel Craig

Maybe it’s because the 50 years anniversary of the popular agent, James Bond; Maybe it’s because his look; Maybe it’s because the cost sharing. But whatever it is, we have to accept the fact that Daniel Craig is the most celebrated GQ cover of the year. From gracing the cover of GQ UK, France, to Australia, it’s all about Daniel Craig & James Bond.

It only means one thing for menswear trend next year: Gentlement, British Influence (formal) look is in. Is it just another benefit other than beautifull girls & cars for being an agent? Then sign me up please.

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We all know we can’t compete with him in level of sex appeal, but however, we can take a or two clues from Daniel Craig on how to dress better. The latest Bond shows us how to dress with simple approach for maximum effect. Maybe it’s because he is British or maybe it’s because he knows how to dress well for his body type. He has big muscles, so Daniel balances it with clean & classic outfit.

For formal occasion, Daniel chooses effortless classic suit with or without tie, in navy or brown colour with blue shirt, which matching with his blue eyes (trick should be copied). Or for red carpet moment in different style- young & hip, he wears jeans & colourfull sneakers, which totally kick ass. In casual day, he keeps up the style level, even in v-neck t-shirt (you should wear v-neck if you have short or lean neck) or sweater with boots. Talking about serious fashion conscious man.

Another thing I like about him is the skinny jeans or pants he worn. Considering his age, where people said you should wear straight or worst, baggy jeans when you over 40, you know what, Daniel can pull it off. Again, he knows his body type. His has big muscles but not very tall, so noted this, you can totally wear skinny jeans (well not that skinny) for almost every occassion. With good awareness of your body type, you can even look taller & most of all, cooler.

101 Style Tips October: How To Stay Warm

The fall is here and when you live in tropical country like Indonesia, it means the sunny days are over, welcome the raining season. At least the last two weeks, it’s almost raining everyday. On one side we should be greatfull because for a while, we can forget the dry hot days- the one that we easily sweat. But on the other side, we can also easily cover up in our big ugly baloon jacket. No body’s care what you wearing when it’s cold and rain, right? Well….wrong answer.
No matter what happens, we need to stay dry & stylish at the same. Don’t have any idea? Then turn your head to these leading Hollywood’s actor & Supermodel for 101 style tips.
  1. Daniel Craig. The 007 Agent knows how to pull a knitwear (like the gray colour)with simple white t-shirt for casual look & the splash colour of the leather shoes.
  2. Matt Damon. Another Agent, another way to stay warm during fall season. The actor chooses the it sweater with v neck. The sweater is actually great options for office outfit. Wear it with basic white or plaid shirt and black pants.
  3. Ian Somerhalder. Never knew you can wear bomber jacket and straw fedora hat and even looking good in raining days.
  4. David Gandy. The Super Model is the master of mixing the basic pieces. For jeans with jeans look, David makes it to another level with motorcylce jacket.