Olivier Martinez’s Suede Jacket


Olivier Martinez’s suede jacket. Nice style, but do you know any of his movie?


Source: Zimbio.com

First of all, I don’t who he was until Halle Berry came into the picture. You say he is an actor but try as you might, I don’t know any movie he’s ever been act on.

But in style deparment, Olivier Martinez delivers us the latest trend for fall winter. Suede jacket in mustard colour. And this is how you should wear the trend. Only choose one trend piece and let the rest of your out fit basic. Also, what’s good about this jacket is, you can wear for long time, because a, it’s classic cut and b, the colour also classic, will blend right in with the rest of your wardrobe.

Before you go, can I ask you something? Up until he’s breaking up with the Oscar winner, I still don’t know any of his movies. Can you please mention one for me so next time when I say ‘he’s an actor’, I don’t have blank imagination of what kind of actor he is.

Thank you and have a good Monday.



Fashion Friday: Jeff Goldblum


Jeff Goldblum rocking a leather jacket in very cool way.

Source: Zimbio.com


This is what I’m talking about when it comes to style for men. Simpler the better.

Thank you Jeff Goldblum for showing us how to dress a leather jacket without trying too much (Joe Jonas could take this tips from him). Simple leather jacket + white t-shirt + black denim + black shoes. Everything is basic colour, except the brown hat that gives the extra cool factor.

If you ask me, every men can rock this outfit. Seriously. If Jeff who’s 63 can do it, then why you in your 20s or 30s can’t do the same? Because we already have the basic pieces in our closet. It just a matter of combine all pieces together.

In homage to Jeff’s style, I will watch one of my favourite movies of all time this weekend. Jurassic Park.


Joe Jonas’s post break up look (And it’s not good)


Joe Jonas new look post break up. Do you like it?


Source: Zimbio.com

Usually, it’s the girl who has the post break up look. New hair, maybe loose some weight, and the easiest way, new style. But in this case, it’s the boy. After split from the model Gigi Hadid, here’s come the new Joe Jonas.

Let’s start with the hair. I mean, blue hair, really Joe? Plus the matchy-matchy outfit. Yes, burgundy is the colour for fall winter, but burgundy leather jacket & burgundy shoes? Should choose only one trend piece. Too much for a straight boy can give. To be honest with you, this is just another way for him to get our attention.

I mean, since he has no supermodel girlfriend and he has no career, what else he’s gonna do? His older brother is married man and his younger brother, Nick has better career in both music and TV than him. Sure he has “DJ” gig and has new band that no one talks about, so what else he can do to get our attention?

 Nice try Joe, but as usual, you trying too much.



Belajar Memilih Blazer Pria Berdasarkan Bentuk Tubuh

Blazer sering dianggap sebagai salah satu busana resmi. Padahal sesungguhnya tidak juga. Model blazer yang semakin beragam kini menjadi acuan untuk bergaya santai maupun resmi. Jika kaum pria pandai memadukan blazer untuk beragam kesempatan, sudah pasti penampilan akan jadi semakin keren dan maskulin.

Kunjungi online shop terbaru dari Lippo Group untuk pilihan produk fashion istimewa.

Quincy Label Blake Man Blazer_Black IDR.99.000

Quincy Label Blake Man Blazer-Black IDR.99k

Bukan MatahariMall namanya kalau tidak menyiapkan kejutan bagi para pelanggan. Kunjungi online shop terbaru dari Lippo Group ini supaya Anda mendapatkan referensi gaya berbusana terkini. Pilihan blazer pria yang istimewa di MatahariMall tidak akan membuat gaya Anda jadi ketinggalan zaman.


Nah, sebelum Anda membeli blazer favorit Anda di MatahariMall, jangan lupa memperhatikan bentuk tubuh Anda dan memilih jenis blazer yang tepat berdasarkan panduan ini :

Blazer untuk Pria Bertubuh Gemuk

Pria bertubuh gemuk paling cocok mengenakan blazer dengan lipatan yang jumlahnya banyak. Blazer dengan tambahan ornamen dan 3 buah kancing akan memberikan kesan gagah dan tidak menonjolkan tubuh yang gemuk. Tubuh gemuk pun akan jadi lebih proporsional jika menggunakan blazer dengan motif vertikal.

Gaya yang Pas Pria Berbadan Sedang

Pria berbadan sedang atau ideal paling mudah menggunakan beragam jenis blazer. Blazer dengan 1 atau 2 kancing bisa dipilih sesuai dengan selera. Untuk mendapatkan bentuk tubuh yang lebih proporsional, Anda bisa memadukan blazer tersebut dengan kemeja berkerah. Terakhir, siapkan celana slim fit untuk sentuhan penampilan akhir yang bergaya masa kini.

Pria Berbadan Kurus Ingin Tampil Keren dengan Blazer?

Blazer yang ukurannya terlalu besar sangat tidak disarankan bagi pria bertubuh kurus. Sebab blazer seperti ini hanya akan membuat tubuh Anda tampak sangat tidak proporsional. Pria kurus bisa bergaya dengan blazer 1 kancing berbentuk slim fit. Sementara untuk urusan kemeja, pilihlah kemeja dengan kerah berukuran kecil agar penampilan jadi lebih apik.

Anda tak perlu ragu untuk mengoleksi blazer sebagai busana kesayangan. Miliki blazer bermutu dengan ragam model sesuai bentuk tubuh Anda. MatahariMall tentu selalu menyediakan ragam pilihan blazer eksklusif untuk menunjang penampilan Anda. Yuk segera dapatkan blazer favorit Anda di MatahariMall.


Sam Smith is Killing It


Sam Smith in Shearling Jacket with Striped shirt

Source: Zimbio.com

Have you been watching Sam Smith’s transformation lately? I mean, he’s killing it. In style department off course. He has many new things to offer. New music, new body, and last but not least, style upgrade.

Let’s be honest, when you have new body, in his case, lost view pounds of fat makes you want to shop new clothes. The one that will make you look good about yourself and maybe some style that previously you can’t try because of your weight. But that didn’t happen to the British Singer.


He keeps everything classic

He keeps his style classic. The coat, the basic shirts (included my favourite stripped shirt), and classic denim. I like it very much because many of us, man (and woman, not judging) can get style clue from him actually.

On side note, is it just me or you also think his new music keeps mellow?


Fashion Friday: Nice Sweaters VS Ugly Hat


Pete Wentz with nice Sweaters for Winter

So I was looking around my source of celebrity picture, Zimbio.com and found this two interesting pictures. One is Pete Wentz with this very nice sweater which so perfect for winter land and the other one is Evan Ross with crazy hat which perfect for wonder land. And did you know what both gentleman have in common? Ashlee Simpson


Evan Ross copies Boy George’s look, don’t you think?

Okay, first, let’s talk how nice it is to see  Ashlee’s ex husband Pete’s sweater. I like the colour, very cozy and it looks just right. Would blend nicely with the rest of our basic wardrobe. I give A for Pete’s style. Meanwhile, Ashlee’s current husband, is giving me the opposite vibe. Not only the hat looks ugly, but also, if you squint, don’t you think he copies Boy George’s look? Or maybe it’s his Halloween’s custom. I don’t know. But one thing for sure, his style is weird, just like his career.

What’s your plan for weekend?


Happy Father’s Day


Happy Father’s day: Kanye and North West (Source: Zimbio.com)

First of all, did you even know that today is the father’s day? I just found out via Google. And for this special occasion, I think there’s no one can do better than Kanye West and his daughter, North (in style department).

I mean just look at them. North, looks so cute in those green tutu and army jacket while Kanye in his usual monochrome navy look with brown boots. Looking at this picture make me believe that rumour, saying that Kanye does the styling for his family (both Kim and North). He’s a mad mad, but I have to give credit when credit is due, he did great job for North.

What’s your plan for today with your father? Me? Not calling my father.