They Call Me Sir


I though I did okay with my face, but people telling me the opposite.


So anyway, despite the fact I have not blogging so much lately (work), I need to tell you something. So yes, the aging is coming to get me. Last week, during Chinese New Year holiday, I was having such a good time. Mostly involved dirty laundry (literally from Saturday-Sunday-Monday) but I did enjoy it. So enjoy it, so I decided to give myself a masker. Then I realized that for a while, I really look okay. My skin is doing okay, no (big) pimples, and not drinking during the day. I felt so young and ready to face the work day on Tuesday. I even almost kiss my mirror.

Then comes the painful surprise the next following day. Not only the people start to calling me with “Pak” (Sir), but even the barista calling me the same tittle. I know, I’ve been notice for a while, people start to give me the tittle and I’m not 17 anymore (I know, stop remind me), but not in million years, I thought the barista will call me Sir. If you must know, here in Indonesia, calling someone with “Pak” is mean one thing. You are old. Even the barista used to call me “Kak”, which means “Bro” in very nice way. No, I didn’t throw my latte to the barista because a, it’s expensive drink and I need my morning caffeine and because b, I’m grown. I will find something else to get back to him.

In conclusion, just when you though you have your life (look) together, you have to swallow the not so sweet fact of life. Or maybe is just my mirror that keeps lying to me and not telling the truth the whole time. 

I hope you will start stock up good moisturize,



Green is Colour for Fall


Justin Theroux in Green Bomber Jacket


Hi All,

How are you? You miss me? Not really? Anyway, I’m back after one month leave. I know, it’s nothing like you care or anything, letting you know that I have life too. It’s a mess, but it’s mine.


Me in my Army Jacket

If you looking for one colour that will be perfect for fall, it’s green. Whether it’s jacket (as seen on Justin Theroux), t-shirt, or sweater, make sure you take out or add something green in your wardrobe.

Honestly, it’s one of my favourite colour because it’s classic and you can actually wear it all year long, especially if you live in tropical country like Indonesia. Currently I’m looking for nice shirt in green colour but still couldn’t find one.


Victoria Beckham is Wearing Flats


Victoria Beckham is wearing flats


It’s just odd for me to see my favorite Spice wearing flats. If you pay attention and obsessed (in not stalker way) with Victoria Beckham‘s style like me, then you know that the designer always, I mean always in heels. I think the only reason why she’s wearing the flats is because it’s part of her line. If the flats not only comfortable for your feet but also as your effective marketing tools, why not?

But you know what? I love this combination of black and white (She’s always in something black lately, don’t know why), especially the flats. I might want to copy her flats and get myself a pair of loafer with same colors combination.

I think it’s classic, just like Victoria Beckham herself.

Monday again,


What To Do On Holiday? Clean Up Your Grooming Products


What to do with your grooming products?

Hi All,

Still sleep yet or you already on your way for long weekend holiday? Anyway, if you just stay at home and plan to watch Game of Thrones or The Real housewives of Atlanta marathon (I don’t judge), why don’t you add little activity to make your holiday more usefull? Clean up your grooming products?

I’m Gemini. So if you like me, then you know we all bit lazy (in very creative way). Our things all over the place and we need one special time (like today) to clean up our mess and to make ourselves feel better.

Even most man don’t have many grooming (beauty) products like woman do, but still if you look closely, you have many things in your bathroom or drawer, things that you didn’t know you have or even use. The shampoo that’s not working to clean your dandruff, the sample face cream that you have not use since last year, or the face cleanser that gives you acne and more blackheads? You see? You think you and I don’t have a lot in common, but think again.

So what to do with those products? Well, if you can’t use it anymore, then threw away, I hear you scream. Well, here’s another idea of how to maximize those products before you simply treat it as trash. Use it. Not on your hair or your face, but here’s idea of what to do:

  • Shampoo: Use it to as detergent to wash your underwear or socks.
  • Face cleanser: Use it as scrubs to clean your dirty feet.
  • Face cream: use it as body lotion.

Just make sure the expire date is still far away. After you do that, trust me as Gemini, you will feel better about yourself and your long weekend holiday.


Place To Go In Lampung: El’s Coffee


Place to go in Lampung: El’s Coffee

Hi All,

I was browsing through my phone and I found this particular picture of me at this nice cafe in Lampung, called El’s coffee. I like the place’s vibe, young and classic at the same time. If you like coffee, then you should try their black coffee. I forgot the name of the product, but some coffee from Bali or Aceh

Also, if you want, you can buy their coffee bean or powder and bring home as souvenir. It is located in Batu bara street in Bandar Lampung. No offense to Lampung’s people, but it’s a small city, you can’t get lost.


Coach Bleecker Backpack Review


Coach Bleecker Backpack Review

Hi All,

This would be my biggest fashion purchase this year so far. A Coach Bleecker Backpack in leather. I bought it on my last day while holiday in Seoul.

I knew I had to have this back pack for many different reason, but if you must know, I had this particular back pack picture on my iPad for more than 3 years. So when I saw it on Lotte Shopping Mall, it was a dream come true for me. But it came with not so cheap price (at least for me). With $698 price tag, I have to eat instant noodle and missed the room rental for view months, but it’s worth it.

Just look at the product itself. The shape, the material, and the color are just so classic. You can totally wear it forever and even pass down to your family. This is the kind of product that you will only wish to have one for the rest of your life, just like my Timex watch, because you know you will satisfy for a long time.

Now I just need to put my initial name on the tag.


Di San Highlands Coffee


Di San Highlands Coffee. Nice brand from HCM

The last time I went to HCM, I got this bag of coffee at the local supermarket. It’s called Di San Highlands Coffee. I really like it actually.

The taste is bit sweet and the smell just lovely for your weekend. Since it’s 100% robusta coffee, then yes, you can get it with affordable price and bring it home as souvenirs to your family and friends who are coffee lover.

They will appreciate your thought for that.