Fashion Friday: Striped and Army Jacket





Fashion Friday: Justin Bieber in Striped and army jacket



I always don’t like Justin Bieber‘s style (most of the time), because it’s too weird for me, but not this one. I really like it.

As per my statement before, striped and army print are basic prints, so when you match those two, you’ll get effortless style-as long you keep the rest of your outfit basic.

Side note, do you like her new purple hair?



2016 Resolution? Wear White More Often


2016 Resolution? Wear white more often


I’m not a big person for new year’s resolution, but I need to admit, I am kinda that person in style department.  For 2016, I want to try to wear more white. The main reason why I don’t like to wear white is not only it makes look bigger, but also based on my experience, it gets dirty so fast. Well, at least for me.

So while on holiday last month, I did it. I wear white (ish) denim from Levi‘s. I got the denim more than 3 years ago while still based in Malaysia, but I barely wear it. Since it was holiday and no body gives a care about what I’m wear, so I gave a shot. What the worst could happen?

This is like my favourite look from holiday, where I combine the denim with grey t-shirt, striped sweater, and DIY sneakers which I also barely wear. And now I’m back with my black denim uniform. Back to my comfort zone but with one new learning point. I should wear white more often. Let myself get comfortable before make it as part of my uniform.

Start with small steps always good idea. 


Hello 2016 (It’s Me & My New Sunnies)

 Hi All,


Still remember me? Before you judge me (if you ever read my blog) and ask me, “Where have you been?” (if you ever wonder), well I got life to live and let’s just say I was little bit enjoyed my work and holiday too long.

So many stories to tell, but just to be short, I was working in Singapore and Malaysia in December 2016, then went back to Indonesia for Christmas (quick stop in Bali), then after 5 days, heading back to Malaysia and Thailand for holiday until early January. More on that on different post.

But for now, let me tell you my new accessories for 2016, this Vincci sunglasses, which I got while waiting for my flight in KLIA 2. I totally love the design, the way it frames my face, and the price as well. Only MYR.29 something, but because I’m foreigner, they got me extra 10% off. It’s actually accessories for woman, but I like it and since when we put label on everything?

It’s style. You know when you know. I miss you (if you miss me back, please say something).

Too many if for early 2016,


Fashion Friday: Striped And Velvet


Striped shirt & Velvet Jacket For Holiday season


It’s December already? Wow, time flies so fast and holiday is upon us. You know that now I’m on shopping diet? No new piece of clothing whatsoever even I’m tempted to do click ‘buy’ button on my favorite shopping sites.

But anyway, for this holiday, all I need is to be a little bit creative. Maximize the things that I already own and play with mix and match factor. I like how Jason Donovan‘s look fits for holiday season. The idea of wearing something basic, like your own striped t-shirt with something more formal such as the velvet jacket just simply cool. 

Have you bought your holiday season yet? Or you plan to stay in the city only?




Green & Blue Combo


Rupert Friend: Green Sweater & Blue Beanie Hat



I like the way Homeland‘s actor dress for casual day. Some green sweater with blue beanie hat. He keeps the rest of the outfit neutral. Overall, Nice combination, don’t you think? You also do the same.

Rupert Friend definitely dresses for holiday. Speaking of holiday, have you shop anything yet for Christmas?


Olivier Martinez’s Suede Jacket


Olivier Martinez’s suede jacket. Nice style, but do you know any of his movie?



First of all, I don’t who he was until Halle Berry came into the picture. You say he is an actor but try as you might, I don’t know any movie he’s ever been act on.

But in style deparment, Olivier Martinez delivers us the latest trend for fall winter. Suede jacket in mustard colour. And this is how you should wear the trend. Only choose one trend piece and let the rest of your out fit basic. Also, what’s good about this jacket is, you can wear for long time, because a, it’s classic cut and b, the colour also classic, will blend right in with the rest of your wardrobe.

Before you go, can I ask you something? Up until he’s breaking up with the Oscar winner, I still don’t know any of his movies. Can you please mention one for me so next time when I say ‘he’s an actor’, I don’t have blank imagination of what kind of actor he is.

Thank you and have a good Monday.


Fashion Friday: Jeff Goldblum


Jeff Goldblum rocking a leather jacket in very cool way.



This is what I’m talking about when it comes to style for men. Simpler the better.

Thank you Jeff Goldblum for showing us how to dress a leather jacket without trying too much (Joe Jonas could take this tips from him). Simple leather jacket + white t-shirt + black denim + black shoes. Everything is basic colour, except the brown hat that gives the extra cool factor.

If you ask me, every men can rock this outfit. Seriously. If Jeff who’s 63 can do it, then why you in your 20s or 30s can’t do the same? Because we already have the basic pieces in our closet. It just a matter of combine all pieces together.

In homage to Jeff’s style, I will watch one of my favourite movies of all time this weekend. Jurassic Park.