They Call Me Sir


I though I did okay with my face, but people telling me the opposite.


So anyway, despite the fact I have not blogging so much lately (work), I need to tell you something. So yes, the aging is coming to get me. Last week, during Chinese New Year holiday, I was having such a good time. Mostly involved dirty laundry (literally from Saturday-Sunday-Monday) but I did enjoy it. So enjoy it, so I decided to give myself a masker. Then I realized that for a while, I really look okay. My skin is doing okay, no (big) pimples, and not drinking during the day. I felt so young and ready to face the work day on Tuesday. I even almost kiss my mirror.

Then comes the painful surprise the next following day. Not only the people start to calling me with “Pak” (Sir), but even the barista calling me the same tittle. I know, I’ve been notice for a while, people start to give me the tittle and I’m not 17 anymore (I know, stop remind me), but not in million years, I thought the barista will call me Sir. If you must know, here in Indonesia, calling someone with “Pak” is mean one thing. You are old. Even the barista used to call me “Kak”, which means “Bro” in very nice way. No, I didn’t throw my latte to the barista because a, it’s expensive drink and I need my morning caffeine and because b, I’m grown. I will find something else to get back to him.

In conclusion, just when you though you have your life (look) together, you have to swallow the not so sweet fact of life. Or maybe is just my mirror that keeps lying to me and not telling the truth the whole time. 

I hope you will start stock up good moisturize,