Book Review: I’ll Drink to That by Betty Halbreich


You should read it. “I’ll Drink To That” by Betty Halbreich

Hi All,

How is your Sunday morning? Here in Jakarta is raining and gloomy, so I just stay in bed while enjoy my lazy day. Meanwhile, I want to let you know about this book that I really enjoyed reading.

“I’ll drink to that” by Betty Halbreich. It’s an autobiography book and I’m not autobiography person, but this book is so good. Betty will share her life experience, struggles, and how being personal shopper can save her life. Who knew good taste will take you far?

I’ve been looking for this book more than one year. After one time failed to find in Singapore, finally I got this one at the big book store in Singapore last month. You can’t imagine how happy I’m just to hear from the customer care officer that the book is available.

I took the book during new year holiday and let me tell you, I had great time.  

Now I need to do my laundry,