Hello 2016 (It’s Me & My New Sunnies)

 Hi All,


Still remember me? Before you judge me (if you ever read my blog) and ask me, “Where have you been?” (if you ever wonder), well I got life to live and let’s just say I was little bit enjoyed my work and holiday too long.

So many stories to tell, but just to be short, I was working in Singapore and Malaysia in December 2016, then went back to Indonesia for Christmas (quick stop in Bali), then after 5 days, heading back to Malaysia and Thailand for holiday until early January. More on that on different post.

But for now, let me tell you my new accessories for 2016, this Vincci sunglasses, which I got while waiting for my flight in KLIA 2. I totally love the design, the way it frames my face, and the price as well. Only MYR.29 something, but because I’m foreigner, they got me extra 10% off. It’s actually accessories for woman, but I like it and since when we put label on everything?

It’s style. You know when you know. I miss you (if you miss me back, please say something).

Too many if for early 2016,