Joe Jonas’s post break up look (And it’s not good)


Joe Jonas new look post break up. Do you like it?



Usually, it’s the girl who has the post break up look. New hair, maybe loose some weight, and the easiest way, new style. But in this case, it’s the boy. After split from the model Gigi Hadid, here’s come the new Joe Jonas.

Let’s start with the hair. I mean, blue hair, really Joe? Plus the matchy-matchy outfit. Yes, burgundy is the colour for fall winter, but burgundy leather jacket & burgundy shoes? Should choose only one trend piece. Too much for a straight boy can give. To be honest with you, this is just another way for him to get our attention.

I mean, since he has no supermodel girlfriend and he has no career, what else he’s gonna do? His older brother is married man and his younger brother, Nick has better career in both music and TV than him. Sure he has “DJ” gig and has new band that no one talks about, so what else he can do to get our attention?

 Nice try Joe, but as usual, you trying too much.