Sam Smith is Killing It


Sam Smith in Shearling Jacket with Striped shirt


Have you been watching Sam Smith’s transformation lately? I mean, he’s killing it. In style department off course. He has many new things to offer. New music, new body, and last but not least, style upgrade.

Let’s be honest, when you have new body, in his case, lost view pounds of fat makes you want to shop new clothes. The one that will make you look good about yourself and maybe some style that previously you can’t try because of your weight. But that didn’t happen to the British Singer.


He keeps everything classic

He keeps his style classic. The coat, the basic shirts (included my favourite stripped shirt), and classic denim. I like it very much because many of us, man (and woman, not judging) can get style clue from him actually.

On side note, is it just me or you also think his new music keeps mellow?