Javanese Blangkon As Scarf


Javanese Blangkon as Scarf

Hi All,

I’ve been staying in Jakarta for almost a month without any traveling and let me tell you something. It’s freaking hot. Since the traffic is bad, then what alternative you have? Yes, Go-jek or Grab bike. I told you this before.

Whenever I’m mobile around Jakarta to meet my client or even go to gym, I always wear my jacket with hoodie and sunglasses for sure. But even after put on the helmet, still I feel the sun through my neck. Until I got the perfect solution.

It’s called Blangkon. Usually worn as head accessory by Javanese man (Google it), but for me, it’s the perfect scarf to cover my neck whenever I travel during the day.

I like how I can support the local heritage while keep the function and still look stylish. And you know what’s best? It only costs you like less than $2 and you can get it anywhere in the street of Jakarta.

How’s your month btw?