What To Do On Holiday? Clean Up Your Grooming Products


What to do with your grooming products?

Hi All,

Still sleep yet or you already on your way for long weekend holiday? Anyway, if you just stay at home and plan to watch Game of Thrones or The Real housewives of Atlanta marathon (I don’t judge), why don’t you add little activity to make your holiday more usefull? Clean up your grooming products?

I’m Gemini. So if you like me, then you know we all bit lazy (in very creative way). Our things all over the place and we need one special time (like today) to clean up our mess and to make ourselves feel better.

Even most man don’t have many grooming (beauty) products like woman do, but still if you look closely, you have many things in your bathroom or drawer, things that you didn’t know you have or even use. The shampoo that’s not working to clean your dandruff, the sample face cream that you have not use since last year, or the face cleanser that gives you acne and more blackheads? You see? You think you and I don’t have a lot in common, but think again.

So what to do with those products? Well, if you can’t use it anymore, then threw away, I hear you scream. Well, here’s another idea of how to maximize those products before you simply treat it as trash. Use it. Not on your hair or your face, but here’s idea of what to do:

  • Shampoo: Use it to as detergent to wash your underwear or socks.
  • Face cleanser: Use it as scrubs to clean your dirty feet.
  • Face cream: use it as body lotion.

Just make sure the expire date is still far away. After you do that, trust me as Gemini, you will feel better about yourself and your long weekend holiday.