Three Apps To Survive Jakarta’s traffic

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So last week my friend from Thailand came to Jakarta for the first time and he finally experienced the Jakarta’s traffic. I mean, welcome to Jakarta my friend.

You can’t fix Jakarta traffic, but you can survive with these 3 great applications, right from your phone (Android/Apple):


Go-Jek. Promo Code: 543608173


This one is like Indonesia’s company and very popular. Currently the has promotional rate for IDR.10K. Most of the drivers will offer you hair and face mask. Also, you can ask the driver to pick up stuff or food for you. The only minus thing from this application is that you can’t see the plate number of the driver, so it’s not easy to spot your ride.

For more details, click here. Input this code so as first time user and you’ll get IDR.50k credit: 543608173

grab taxi

Grab Taxi. Promo code: C5499B

2. Grab Taxi

Similar to Go-jek, but this one is from around South East Asia. Not only motorcycle, but also you can have car (like taxi) if you want. Most of the Grabbike won’t give you hair or face mask, which they have by the way. But the good thing, you can spot your ride, because the aps will give you the plate number of the driver.

For more details, click here. Input this code so when you are first time user and you’ll get credit: C5499B.


Uber. Promo voucher: titoleytue

3. Uber Taxi

I just tried this application last week and I’m happy. It’s like personal car and cheaper as well. They will charge you directly to your credit card.

For more details, click here. Input this code so as first time user, you’ll get IDR.75k credit: titoleytue 

Enjoy Jakarta



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