Sunday in Padini Denim Short


Sunday in Padini denim short

Hi All,

I hate to ask this kind of question, but how’s weekend? Mine? Meh….it’s okay. Although I did something important yesterday in my adult life, will tell you later.

This would be my last purchase from Padini while holiday in Malaysia last month. The denim short for fall 2015 collection. I like it very much for various reasons:

  • It basic item for your wardrobe. Meaning, if you have to choose one short to go for weekend in Karimun Jawa, you know you can depend on it.
  • It’s light. So you can basically put in your back pack or work bag and go. 
  • You can roll up or adjust the length.
  • Reasonable price. It’s only like MYR.32

Pairing with the bag, also for the line’s fall collection.

Can’t wait to get my 1.5 hours massage this afternoon.