Five Interesting Things About South Korea


Five Interesting Things About South Korea

  1. Bring your own sugar. Yes people, most of the drink served without sugar whether it’s coffee or tea. You should ask for it.
  2. You add +1 to your age. The Koreans believe that you already a human being even when you were inside your Mom’s belly.
  3. Summer sale is a real sale (July-Aug). Thanks to high competition, once they drop the price, they really drop the price. Winter sale is also happening during Dec-Jan.
  4. The Koreans are trendy people. Meaning, you will see the shirt wore by the 3 different man at the same day because it’s hot item to wear.
  5. There is free wifi at public place like train station or park, but not at restaurant, which is a good thing for you to focus on your meal, not your phone.