Place To Go In Lampung: Mutun Beach


Quick Dip before start my day in Lampung

Hi All,

It’s been another crazy week for me, first Lampung and then Brebes. Tired? Off course. But also excited, because my motto now is find a little place to relax while doing my job. For example, when I’m visiting Lampung, I usually only stay at the hotel and doing nothing but working. Not anymore.

Yesterday, thanks to Google, I found there are view beaches in Lampung. One of the famous one is Mutun Beach. Located in Pesawaran district, you can reach the beach by driving around 20 minutes from Tanjung Karang or in my case, 30 minutes driving because I drove myself and only got GPS. But worth it.


Mutun beach, Lampung.

When I arrive, the sun still shy but the water was warm already- perfect to get quick dip before start my day. It’s safe beach for kids and no big wave if you concern about that.

You need to pay if entry the beach (less than $1 per person & less than $1 if you driving a car), but again, so worth it.

Have a nice weekend,