Batik Pajamas From Solo (The Good & The Bad Review)


My first pair of batik pajamas

Hi All,

Just landed here in Lombok this afternoon. So excited because the beaches (it’s for work) and also because this is the first time I come to this beautiful island.

In order to keep my baggage not overweight during this week travel, I come with idea to traveling with this first set of Batik pajamas that I got from Solo, which is one of the central Batik in Indonesia. Let me tell you the review, including the goods and the bad, so you have something in your mind, when you ever come to Indonesia or Solo and decide to buy pajamas for yourself.

The good:

  • I like the fabric & the print. Soft and also absorb your sweats during your sleep.
  • Very affordable. I got the set for less than $8 (Please mind that I went to central of Batik, so that’s why the price very affordable).
  • I’m proud to be Indonesian.

The bad:

  • It tears easily, especially the pants if you know what I mean.
  • The button also come off easily. Again bad threads quality. But maybe only for my case. You should check the threads before you buy. Lesson learned.

In conclusion, I’m quite happy with my purchase. It’s cheap and cheerful, and definitely needs altered by my tailor.

Good night people,