Taylor Fine Goods Backpack


Taylor Fine Goods Backpack

If you been reading my blog (which I doubt), then you must know that it’s been a while since I’m looking for that perfect nice backpack. Guess what? I found it. The backpack from “Taylor Fine Goods”.  It comes in black (nylon and leather) colour with a bold orange colour inside the bag (Can you see it?).

What I like about this bag is that I can put my laptop and many things inside the bag without feeling the heaviness on my back, which usually happened with my old backpack. Also the plus side, it looks so stylish at the same time, don’t you think? If you want this same kind of bag, you better hurry. Because the last time I ordered, they only have 2 spare left.

Now I need to back to work on my reporting. Got big presentation tomorrow and sadly, I can’t travel anywhere this week. Oh, almost forgot, you can also get 15% off if you buy any of Taylor Fine Goods from Zalora Indonesia. Simply input the code: ZBAPQ2XM before you check out.

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