My Travel Kit Essential


My travel kit essential

Since my work requires me to travel a lot (Not complaining for that), either with service car, train, or mostly plane, I now become little expert on how to travel with comfort. This month only, I travel to 5 different cities and up in the air at least 10 times. So for that, I need to take with me, my travel kit essential whenever I go (most of the time).

  1. Light Blanket. It’s actually Batik garment from Woranga shop, which I keep in my bag, has more than one function. Whenever the flight takes more than 1 hours and I need extra warm, it’s there for me. Or if I need something to cover my eyes from the lights, it’s also there to cover me. But if the travel takes less than 1 hour, I simply use wear my jacket.
  2. Neck pillow. Again, whenever the travel takes more than one hour and especially during my nap time ( I once fly 11 PM from Makassar back to Jakarta), I know I can rely on this pillow which helps my sleep position and reduces the stiffness around my neck.
  3. Sunglasses. Not only fashion reason, but also help me to hide bag under my eye because I had to woke up early and sleep late. It prevents my fellow passenger to see my ugly face while I’m sleeping and also to help me sleep better if the light too bright for my eyes.
  4. Ear plugs. At this point, I think I need to go to see a doctor, because usually during take off and landing, something about the air pressure did something to my ear and I feel like I can’t hear my own voice. So with ear plug, I can really reduce the air pressure to my ears.
  5. Baby wipes. I told you this before, right? With baby wipes, not only it helps you to refresh your face and neck, but also give you extra moisture for your skin which tends to be dry during the flight. Remember to gently wipe your eyes too.

I hope you can learn something from my post. Did you enjoy your long holiday weekend?