And She Calls Me “Pak” aka “Sir”


I know, I look old, but I’m okay with that.

At this point, I think I don’t need to explain to you why I have not write any post since Thursday. I got one word for you. Work. But today, after over sleep (because it’s Sunday) and did my laundry, I’m ready to tell you interesting (sad mix with funny) story while sipping my second cup of coffee.

Remember on last post I was taking about my new sunglasses that I bought at H&M Indonesia? Well, I got more than I bargain for. The girl behind the counter called me “Pak” or Sir. But that’s not the twist. Right next to me standing the next customer, whom the same girl behind the counter call “Kak” or “Bro”. “Pak” is what you call someone older and “Kak” is what you call young people. If you still confuse, let me give you simple explanation. I’m old.

It was absurd experience actually. Maybe it’s because I’m holding my laptop back pack and maybe the boy next to me dress like a hip. Not that I’m feeling offense, already had that phase view years back when I turn 20. What I really feel is like I don’t belong to this affordable store anymore. I had different experience when I shopped at H&M Singapore and Malaysia. They usually call you Sir or Mam. That much better and I don’t feel like shopping at my nephew store. We are the same customer.

You think I’m over react or what?