How To Keep Your Basic Items Far From Boring While Traveling


Your basic items should have good quality over quantity.

As you might know or not, I travel a lot for work. Travel like crazy. The first week of April I was in Cirebon. The second week I went to Makassar. Yesterday after hopping to Semarang for one day, tomorrow I will fly to Lampung again. Not mention, in the end of month, I probably will end up in Bandung.

With all those crazy schedule, not only my time to write a blog is limited, but also I don’t have luxurious time to think of what to wear for each travel. Yes, I admit that I’m always excited and sometime have no idea of what to wear, but with so many practises (paid by my client), come experience and wisdom of what to wear in no time.

If you see my instagram, then you will see me wearing the same piece over and over again. Instead of feeling bored, I feel more excited with the idea of how to maximize what I have. Cost per wear, remember? So if you ask me what are the keys to make sure I’ll still have style while traveling but without the boring factor?

  • Good quality basic items. Like I told you many times, quality can’t lie. Always choose quality over quantity. Also basic items will go along the way compare to your trendy item.
  • Mix & match. Make sure your basic item can be incorporate with almost any item you already have. Both on your office look or your casual look. Think outside the box. Try in your spare time to mix and match, even in your own head, what if my basic black t-shirt I combine with my cargo pants and sneakers? Let go your imagination first, edit later. Or simply search endless inspiration on Pinterest.
  • Rotation. Not have schedule on what to wear is the key to boring look. Rotate your basic items every now and then. Don’t wear the same outfit (unless your work uniform) for two weeks in the row. 
  • Accessories. Maybe it’s the same outfit from last week, but different watch/shoes or even different socks can totally elevate your boring basic look.

What you think?