One Stylish Step At A time


Yesterday while waiting for my flight back to Jakarta after 4 days in Makassar

Hi All,

How are you? I know it’s been a week since my last post. Let’s say it together with me: work. Yes people, I have real job which is my first priority that sadly, took my time to travel like crazy and didn’t have a time to write you something. Well actually I did have spare time, but you know, while traveling, after work, we went out and had fun. By the time I got back to my hotel room, fell to sleep because too tired to think anymore.

Anyway, while waiting and during my flights, I spent view hours to view my Pinterest pictures and read inspirational book like Madame Chic and currently still reading ‘Essential Manner for Men’ by Peter Post, I learn a lot . A little bit a lot actually. Too many things that I think are inspired and can be applied to my daily life yet also quiet overwhelmed.

So what to do? Take a stylish step at a time. Because the truth is, let’s face it, we can’t apply ALL things we read straight away from the book to real life. We (at least myself) can only pick one or two things that we think very easy to apply like keep our room/house clean, enjoy little task as if it’s very relaxing, or try to meditate minimum once a week. If we push our self too hard, it would a nightmare instead of enjoyment.

Are you agree with me? Whatever you decide, let me know or not. I’m off to bed right now. Have early flight tomorrow morning.