Cost Per Wear (CPW)


Cost Per Wear (CPW) = Item Cost: How many times you will wear it

Hi All,

How is your weekend so far? Today I want to talk about one trick that I learn to before I decide whether to buy any item for my wardrobe. It’s called Cost Per Wear. It’s bit mathematical but yet quite simple actually.

I use it mostly for “expensive” item, such as any item above $20 (Yes, I know, I’m that cheap). The formula is like this:

"Cost Per Wear = Item cost: How Many Times I will wear it"

For example, if I want to buy a Wrangler jeans (my favourite jeans brand), which cost like $39 and which I will use it almost everyday, okay maybe not everyday, that’s weird, but on average is like 3 days per week, so in a year, the cost per wear would be:

  Cost per Wear for Wrangler Jeans = $39: (54*3) = $0.24/ wear

So it’s no brainer, it’s worth to have the jeans. The same thing with my denim jacket or shoes. But if the CPW is almost the same the original price, let’s say because I will only wear it once or twice, then forget it, will skip this mistake because my pile of mistake in life are too many already.

I hope you can learn something from my mistake,