Store To Go While In HCM: Zappa Homme

zappa homme

Let me tell you something about this particular store, Zappa Homme. It’s a local Vietnam’s brand, they have view lines, like for girl, young boy, and for woman, but this particular one is my favourite. It’s more of my style: nice sweater, blazer, and really nice formal shirt. I particular really love the zig zag sweater and so much like Neil Barrett’s design, one of my favourite designer. Most of their design (at the time) is about the basic, black and white in luxurious touch.

It comes with pricey tag as well. The sweater it’s like around $100 and can go up for the blazer. And to be honest, I can’t take the product picture, it’s forbidden by the sales woman, so that’s why you see I only take the picture out side the store. But if you happen going to HCM and want to go shopping, this store should be one of the your alternatives. It’s located around Nguyen Trai street.

Shop wisely,