Rolling Clothes Racks


Rolling clothes rack (Source:

I think it’s a common sense that you should able to learn to be better from anywhere. For me, closet organizing skill is something that every man (count me in) still struggling with. But just like Vogue for woman, thank God there’s GQ for men as well. It’s like style reference for us to improve our fashion game, including our skill to organize the closet.

So I read this GQ article on how to improve our style resolution and it hit me. I can use one trick from the article. The rolling clothes racks. It’s simple yet effective trick for my situation. I live in one tiny room in Jakarta and I don’t have proper closet, so with this tool, I can really show my shirts and jackets just like what I see on the store. And guess what, I also can put my shoes down below the racks.

If you live in Indonesia or around Jakarta’s area, you can get this single rolling clothing racks (different brand, but more or less the same) at Carrefour for less than $15. How about that? So, thank you GQ.

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