If You Find Item That Fit You Well


Wrangler ‘Vegas’ Skinny Black Jeans

Like I told you in many of my posts and off course in my book,  whenever you find item, whatever it is (shoes, jeans, or t-shirt) that fit you well, make your best to have another back up item. Because you know, once the item is sold out or no reproduce again, you’ll cry out loud because your only one item is ripping apart and you can’t find another brand that can replace it. I hear you brother and sister.

So for my case, I really can’t find other brand that can fit my but that well other than Wrangler ‘Vegas’ Skinny Jeans in black colour. It fits me very nice and most of all, I feel good about myself whenever I put it on. For you, maybe you don’t have to buy 2 items directly (unless they offer additional discount) or you already know it’s the one, but at least you can start saving from now on. You feel me?

Preparing my next travel,