Dr.Martens Green Sneakers


Dr.Martens Green Sneakers

This would be my last purchase from HCM (don’t ask me to spell the full name of the city, because I’ll screw it up). I was cruising around Nguyen Street, Q1 (if I’m not mistaken) on my last day in the city & guess what? I found nice store of Dr.Martens and I can’t help myself to get myself this pair of green sneakers with pop of orange because is everything. I can picture to wear it with any outfit I have in mind. Seriously, this the kind of ideal sneakers for me.

  • Can wear it with almost everything.
  • Long investment. It’s nothing like sneakers that will dry out after you wear it for while, but it’s Dr.Martens, so if you don’t lost it, it will stay with you for a while.
  • Got 50% discount.  I only pay like around 717,000 VND- which I can’t anywhere but Vietnam with that kind of deal.

Can’t wait to wear it for my next week travel.