The Basic Rule Of Living In Style: Try To Look Your Best Every Day


That’s me while on holiday in Vietnam recently.

The rain lately made me back up to put on my ‘best’ look every day. Instead, I just stay in my old clothes, you know, my clothes that would be okay if get dirt all over it and I don’t mind because it’s old and not the best item I have. But you know what? I do have problem with it. The rain will come down anyway, so why I have to keep waiting to wear my nice look when it’s sunny out there? No way.

It’s not that I’m try to sound like I’m the best stylish, not at all, but it’s more about how I want to live my life. Trust me, I’ve been living in my old clothes for a while now, it makes me feel like I don’t want to risk in fashion anymore. And that’s sad. This is my new year resolution (ish): I wanna look the best I could every single day. It’s not necessary I would look good to everyone, but at least, I will try to look my best for myself.  I think it’s better for my clothes to get torn up because I wear it, instead of keeping in my closet and be forgotten.

Do you have new year resolution?