Pillow for Your Neck


How many times you travel for more than one hour and somehow your neck became stiff? I can’t simply remember not having that. I did have neck pillow before, but it’s not working. You know the air pillow that you can blow? It’s practical but not effective for my neck.

So last week, while shopping at Lotte Shopping Avenue Mall Indonesia, I got the chance to get free gift for shopping at certain amount, shopping voucher and also this one, American Tourister neck pillow. My first reaction was, “Well…maybe I can bring it home but won’t use it.” Wrong. I tried view times and I think I will give it a chance.

I mean, I travel quite often and seriously, my neck is can’t take it anymore after flying more than 2 hours and you will have problem if you get sleepy but can’t sleep. Do you know what I’m mean?

This month I will have long distance travelling, so I probably will bring it with me. No Sir, I won’t put it outside my bag pack like the most tourists do. I will keep it inside, just for the estetical reason. If it is not working, so what? It’s free gift anyway, stop complaining.

The rain makes me sleepy,