Batik as Scarf (Worangashop)


I like to use this Batik as scarf.


You remember two weeks back when I went to Crafina and say that I bought something? Well, this is what I got. A piece of Batik in chevron prints, black & white. It’s around 1.5 meters long and usually you can make a piece of shirt from it, but no, not for me. I want to use it as scarf. Before you throw me tomatoes, hear me out.

I think it’s a great idea for men, to use Batik as scarf, don’t you think? The seller ( will tell you little bit later) gives me tips on how to wash Batik for the first time:

  • Wash it separately from other clothing, because it has wax and also it will release its colors, so better wash it alone in case you don’t want ruin your favorite sweaters.
  • You can wash it with special detergent for batik, but in case you don’t have it, worry not, there’s always plan B, which is, use your shampoo instead.
  • Always hand wash, no machine required.

Now back to the seller, which I recommended for you out there, both girls & boys. The shop called Woranga, and the people very nice. I want the black version but at the time, it wasn’t there, so what this nice lady (Ms.Rahma) did was, sent me the Batik from their place with no charge at all. And the price also very affordable. The Batik above only $8. So it’s a steal price. Don’t you think?

Anyway, if you want to check out their stuff, just click here.