Product Review: Reims Boat Shoes


You might asking, well Tito, could you please stop being so mysterious and just tell us what is it that you bought from Reims store in Makassar?

Well, there you go, I bought a pair of boat shoes. What do you think?

It is made in Indonesia, the upper part is leather (I think) and the sole is from rubber. I like the color, so out there, but not so much with white sole. But overall, it’s a nice pair of shoes for my collection. Also you know what? I got with a deal price, only like $16, 60% off from the original price. Can’t complain to much.

Plus, if you see the box, isn’t that nice box? I haven’t seen any shoe box like that in a while. So there you, I hope you are happy because I am with new shoes. If you happen to go to Makassar, please sure you go check out the goods at the store.

Feel unsatisfied with one of Indonesia’s online shopping website (not this brand),