Store to go in Makassar: Reims


This is what I found while I was travelling to Makassar couple weeks back. A nice store called Reims at MP Mall. I had no idea about the brand until I saw it on while to get coffee at the Carrefour. The first thing I did was walk right in to the store, to check it out. And turns out, the store has a nice selection of goodies. Both for man and woman. You just have to be careful to see, touch, and try on the things before you decide to buy it. They say it’s Korean brand, but when I check the label, it’s made in Indonesia. The price is okay, but you have to be smart to choose which one you can get for yourself.


My recommendation would be the shoes (that’s on sale), the bags, the basic t-shir, and the scarf. If you want to know which item that I got from the store, please wait for next week, okay?

Tomorrow is Monday, already?