Coffee Review: Deja Brew Cafe


Deja Brew Café: Caramel Nut

As you may notice or not, I’m a coffee lover. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is make myself a cup of coffee. So it makes sense, whenever I travel, always take the opportunity to try the local bean. Philippines was no exception. The last summer when I went for holiday in Boracay, I took home a bag of Philippines.  It’s called Deja Brew Café with Caramel Nut flavor.

And you want to know how’s it taste? Great. I like the medium dark roast, the taste is very smooth, as you can taste caramel buttery flavor in your cup. The smell itself just heaven. It will energize your day.

So whenever you travel to Philippines and need something to bring home as souvenir, you might want to consider this coffee brand.

Wrote this post while having my afternoon coffee,