Basic staple: The Executive Denim Jacket


This must be my destiny. I’ve been waiting for this basic item that every man should have in their wardrobe for more than 3 months, before I can call it my own. I’m talking about the executive denim jacket. The main reason why I waiting for that long is because what else? The price matter. It’s was around $38 for normal price, but last week, I got like $4 cut plus 10% discount if I pay using BCA credit card. I don’t have it, but my good friend has it. The store only have the last item of size M (my size), so why should I wait any longer?
When I put it on, it fits like a glove. Seriously. It fit my shoulder, the length, and goes with everything I have in my wardrobe. It’s one of those item that you should own and will keep you inspire to try new look or to twist your favorite look. The weight also light and plus, you can’t button the jacket because if you want to look cool, perfectly fit, then it should keep open like this.
Seriously, the moment I bought it, can’t stop wearing it. That’s how I know it’s meant to be.

Sorry for abandon for almost 2 weeks. You know I got stuck with little thing called work, gotta pay the bill.