Grooming Product: Dior Homme Cologne

Dior Homme Cologne

Dior Homme Cologne


When it comes to grooming products, including perfume, here’s my rule: do not buy a new one until you spray the last drop of your old one. I mean, I still can’t understand why people have so many perfumes at the same time? Don’t you have to pay for those each bottle? Anyway, back to my post. I knew since last year (yes people, since last year) that when my D&G light blue finished, then Dior Homme should be my new perfume. It’s a cologne actually and let me tell you, I love how it smells. Very fresh with hint of lemon (if my noise is right) and has its own heavy smell of  musk (typical for cologne), you know what I mean? The first time you spray, you will have a bit heavy of the cologne, but after while, you will have subtle smell around your body- in very good way.

Tips on how to wear cologne: always spray it after take a bath and it only will last for maximum 4 hours.