Best Way To Saving Your Money: Work

Call me crazy, but as people with partly shopping addiction (if there such thing), I can’t tell you how much I have spent for online shopping and retail theraphy the last couple years. And now I know why. The lack of work load. Before you close this post (like you always do), hear me out.

Unless I travel heavy and working non-stop, then I only work 2-3 days a week, mostly half day. So if you do the math, then I have like 4-5 days to do nothing. As a blogger (mainly about men’s fashion), what you think I would do for the rest of the week? Reading fashion news, see the new trends, and including see the goodies on actual shop. Both online and retail.

It’s like natural thing for me to click the ‘buy’ button or give my credit card over the cashier whenever I have nothing to do and it feels satisfying to get the product on your hand after looking at it for almost two hours. In the end, it’s like a curse to me. I like shopping and everything, but more than that, I love my money. I don’t want to spend my pay check for jacket that I will only once or twice. It’s nice, but not wise and smart.

And then it hit me. I realize why. I have to much free time in my hand and need to do something about it. Whether get another job (which I’m doing now) or find another way to enjoy my free time without spending any unnecessery amount of money (which I don’t know what it is). But trust me, there is nothing will make you feel good about your time than work. A lot of work will make you tired and somehow, it will allow you to say “I’m exhausted.” whenever people ask ‘how are you?’. Plus, you will get good sleep every night without alcohol or sleeping pills support. And the best part, your money will be saved.

So, if you have any information for me to get another part time job, let me know.

My motto always same with Iggy’s music: Work…Work…Work….