Product Review: Tolliver Algernon Sneaker


Tolliver Algernon Sneaker

This is another product that I got from (I’m now a fan of the site and especially the brand, Tolliver). A new black sneakers with luxury look. Before I say what’s on my mind about this product, please bear in mind that this is $13 product that I got after discount. So with that I can say, this is an okay shoes. Not like Converse shoes that you can walk around town, this is more like pretty shoes. You can’t take it to buy coffee on near minimarket on Saturday morning because trust me, unless you don’t mind it’s broke fast, it’s for show shoes only. You know, the one you take your casual Friday (which I did last week) around the office, but when the office hour is up, you change with something more walkable on the street.

It’s made in Indonesia from canvas on the side and PVC on the middle, so it’s bit shiny. That’s why If you want my opinion, when you wear this shoes, keep the rest of your oufit understated, unless you really wanna go to party, then go ahead.

It’s October already, time to pay the bills.